Ostium @ Podcon

If you missed the first big Ostium-related announcement this week, you can read all about it here.

In other big news, Ostium will have a presence at Podcon, the biggest podcast convention ever, taking place in Seattle on December 9 and 10. Our very own Georgia Mackenzie, the voice of Monica, will be there checking out other podcasts and, more importantly, spreading the word about Ostium.

She will also have a whole bunch of Ostium swag with her: a bunch of stickers, bumper stickers, and a couple of T-shirts to give away to Ostium fans. If you’d like to arrange a meet up to say hi and get a sticker, shoot us an email at ostiumpodcast@gmail.com.

Georgia will also have with her THREE copies of the new Ostium book, which she’ll be giving away to three lucky people. But you need to know the secret password to tell Georgia to get a chance to win one of these copies. Listen to the very end of this week’s coming mini episode, available November 19th, for the secret password. It’ll also be at the end of the mini episode available December 3rd.

Simply find Georgia at Podcon and give her the password and if she still has a copy, it’s yours! Again, you can email us to arrange a clandestine meet up.

See you at this year’s premier podcast convention!


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