Off Season Announcement:

Ostium season four may be done and we’re heading right into the off-season, but over here at the Ostium Network Patreon things are going to be anything but quiet. We’ve got lots in store . . . [READ MORE]

New Ostium Network Podcasts Coming Fall 2019:


Ostium featured in “EARie Fiction” article from Pocket Casts.

I discovered the secret town of Ostium by playing GeoGuessr.


Jake Fisher discovers a secret town hidden in the far reaches of Northern California. When he discovers the town, he finds it abandoned . . . a town with no people. But he notices something: while there is no one around, there are many, many doors.

When he eventually gets inside Ostium he learns that every door has a specific number. None of the doors will open for him, until he starts with the first door.

It opens and begins a journey for him that will take him far away from his normal life, through many more doors leading to different places in time and space . . .

Want to get caught up on the Ostium Podcast fast? Here’s a playlist of the all the supercut episodes so you can get through all the previous seasons real fast!

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