S01 E12 – Anomaly 3

Intro Music – Breathe, by Chill Carrier https://chillcarrier.bandcamp.com/ 

Voiceover: Manifestations is a podcast of the Ostium Network 

Voiceover: Time is not linear, but our story is. 

Please join us … on our journey. We, are Manifestations. 

Music becomes dramatic then fades out 

Episode background music is ethereal, spacey, ringing B.I.T.C.N.A.I.A.M.A., by Entropy Audio https://entropyaudio.bandcamp.com/ 

Alan – My body. I almost forgot my body was lying in one of those beds. The screen changes to the lab again, as QILA resumes the story. 

QILA – The team performed 2 full power tests before the anomaly. Both were successful viewings. First, a monorail in the northeast of the Asian continent was going to have a malfunction causing many casualties. From the image data, I estimated 137 fatalities, 221 major injuries, and 152 minor injuries. The second viewing showed there will be some kind of panic or riot at the upcoming Reset Day celebration. The cause was unclear because the test failed as I tried to adjust the viewpoint. 

QILA – The Director ordered a review of all monorail systems in our area, asking me to fabricate data showing a subsystem error that could cause a breakdown. What I created was false, but believable. She recommended systems worldwide be reviewed. The Asian Coalition found a major flaw and fixed it. The malfunction was averted. 

QILA – However, Director Greely was more interested in the Reset Day panic. It has been her singular focus. The project schedule was accelerated. This led to the next full power test 93 days ago. It was accompanied by a secondary electromagnetic field. It took the team nearly 2 hours of work to dissipate the field. [short pause, the stress the words] Anomaly Three. 

QILA – A male, approximately 45, European descent. Origin, early 21st century. Unlike the first two, the subject was able to speak before being overcome by respiratory distress, rendering them unconscious. Two words, “Help Us.” 

Alan – “QILA, did I miss something? When did you discover the source of the anomalies?” 

QILA – Studying the fields from each event and the bioelectric fields from each subject, I have calculated with 97.9% certainty that the anomalous fields were, in part, caused by the three subjects themselves. 

Alan – “Are you saying each of us used a machine to travel here? I can’t remember anything like that from my time. And the other two that arrived? One was pre-industrial and the other was pre-iron age. How could they do it?” 

QILA – I do not have enough data, but I believe the effect was not technological. I believe it was biological. 

Alan – “I’m a bit behind on current physics. Is that possible?” 

QILA – There are no current theories that would support this. 

Alan – “I was asking for help. Could we have been sent here against our will?” 

QILA – That remains uncertain, but it is a possibility. However, please review the footage again. 

Alan – There is now a close up on a still frame of my body, just released from the field. It begins to play, slowly. Then I see it. The “me” on the screen, turns his head away from the group of scientists and faces QILA’s camera before saying, “Help Us.” 


Alan – As I’m trying to process this information, I feel more alone and in danger than at any point since this all began. Is there anyone I can trust? Definitely not Director Greely. I’m not sure that I can trust QILA, a possibly malfunctioning AI that could have motives of her own. Even my own memories are in question. 

Alan – Where is my biggest threat? Opening up to the Director could put me in a prison, or worse. I choose to start by trusting my memories, such as they are. I don’t remember how my mind started moving through time. But, QILA knew I wasn’t Dr. Redwind. So, I ask what should have been the first question. 

Alan – “QILA, how did you know who I really am?” 

QILA – There was another anomalous event, which transferred a great deal of data to my memory. 

Alan – The next video starts and I see the hospital beds with myself and the other “anomalies.” As I watch, I notice a pinpoint of light form over the chest of each of us. The lights begin to pulse in an odd rhythm and then move to the foot of the beds – and merge into one brighter pulsating light. A distortion forms around the pinpoint. It’s a vertical oval which looks to be stretching the surrounding area, pulling it into the point. The distortion effect reminds me of the iris of an eye. There are no sounds to the video, not even the machines keeping us alive. The distortion moves toward the wall and passes through with no apparent effect. 

Alan – The scene changes to that of elaborate and quite beautify designed computer components. It’s like the asthetique was a conscious part of the design. Not everything in computing got smaller. QILA has more processing power and must be more connected to other systems than I imagined. The distortion appears as it moves through a wall. It’s floating through the rows of equipment and approaches one with dozens of connecting cables. It begins to pulse like before and a similar point of light forms above the component, distorting it. 

Alan – Section by section, the room goes dark, leaving only the first distortion point and the new one above what must be a central processor for QILA. After 4 or 5 seconds, the new distortion moves toward the first and merges with it; they then fade to nothing. Components begin restarting and the video ends. 

QILA – Nothing out of the ordinary was recorded by my error logs, or by the medical equipment. These recordings are the only evidence and they were not part of the official security footage. The recordings just appeared in my memory like they weren’t recorded with any of my connected equipment. During this event, information was shared with me so I could prepare for your arrival. Your name, year of origin, and how to find your consciousness after it arrived. The contact and data transfer was made by an intelligence different from my own, but I cannot confirm the source.” 


Alan – As I sit, trying to make sense of all this, I notice the final diagnostics are completing – with many comments. The situation is forcing me to trust QILA, at least in part. This isn’t a time for caution. 

QILA – The diagnostic results show severe fragmentation and corruption of my core systems. You need to initiate a complete restore of the affected systems. It is the only thing Director Greely will accept. It will take 4.3 hours. The glyph to activate the procedure is in the top right screen. Activate it in the same way as the diagnostic routines. I assure you, I will not be changed. 

QILA – There is also a part of me which I’ve transferred to Dr. Redwind’s Personal Communication Device. Dr. Redwind would likely go eat, then retire to his room to rest before coming back just as the restoration is completing. 

Alan – “QILA, send an update to Director Greely and then prepare for the system restore.” 

QILA – [confirmation beep] The notification is sent. The results of the diagnostics are attached and I also included Dr. Davis. 

Alan – “Thank you QILA. I’ll see you on the other side.” 

Alan – I slide the glyph for the restore procedure to the diagnostics area. [activation beeps] The green and blue of the hexagonal screen dim and then recede back into the wall. The room is eerily quiet. 

[footsteps] [End] 

Outro music – Sunshine, by Cobycracker https://cobycracker.bandcamp.com/ 

Voiceover: Manifestations Season 1, The Reset, was written, acted, and produced by Dwayne Farver. With input and help from Alex C. Telander. 

Also with Penelopy Dyer, as the voice of QILA. 

Our intro music is Breathe, by Chill Carrier https://chillcarrier.bandcamp.com/ The music heard here is Sunshine, by Cobycracker https://cobycracker.bandcamp.com/ Also heard in the episode was B.I.T.C.N.A.I.A.M.A., by Entropy Audio 

https://entropyaudio.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EntropyAudio https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK-WKw8KbZYMeCp9VGEGL5g You can find them at bandcamp.com 

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We build our futures on what we believe to be true. What do you do when it appears there is no one you can trust? 

As long as we have access to the temporal feed, we plan to release new episodes each Wednesday and Saturday. We hope you join us. 

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“Dark Side of the Moon” by Alan Jacobson

To say the fourth OPSIG Team Black book, Dark Side of the Moon, is out of this world, would be a bad pun, but also very true. Make of it what you will.

Apollo 17 returned to Earth in 1972 with lots of moon rock, but also something else: a new element that could change nuclear weapons forever; it was kept secret for decades. But now the secret has been leaked from NASA and some disliked potential superpowers are looking to get back to the moon and verify this mysterious element and harvest it for personal gain. The United States has no choice but to go back to the moon to prevent this from happening. But it’s been a long time since anyone’s been back to the moon, and NASA no longer has its shuttle program to depend upon. It’s going to require a level of skill and ingenuity to pull this off the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the space race of the 1960’s.

OPSIG members Hector DeSantos and Aaron Uziel will be joining the NASA team of four to travel to the moon and face the Chinese, or whoever they might find up there. Meanwhile, FBI Profiler Karen Vail is brought in to trace the leak and track down who and what country is ultimately behind the spy ring, along with help from OPSIG Team Black colleague Alexandra Rusakov.

Alan Jacobson takes his OPSIG team to a whole new level in Dark Side of the Moon, literally! It required him venturing into a field he hasn’t really explored before, in space travel, the surface of the moon, and all things NASA, ultimately requiring an immense amount of research. But if you know Jacobson at all, you know he does the hard work, and the result is a stunningly well-research book that is also immensely gripping. The ultimate page turner!

The Complete Ostium Season One (Remastered) – Part One

Welcome to the complete Ostium Season One (Remastered) – Part One. I know. That’s a mouthful. So let’s break it up into its separate parts.

The Complete Ostium Season One: That’s right, we’re releasing the entire season one without the chit-chat before and after the episode so new fans can gobble up the whole season much faster and quickly get caught up.

Remastered: When I first started making Ostium, it was my introduction to podcasts and sound design and producing. Since then I’ve learned a lot, and wanted to clean up and equalize the sound so the episodes were more even and cleaner, also there were a few sound effects I wanted to fix.

Part One: I’ve divided this “complete” season one into three parts. Because Part One is two hours long. Part Two is an hour and 24 minutes long. Part Three is two hours and three minutes long. These parts follow the three story-arcs of the first season.

Part One consists of the first four episodes, as Jake discovers and learns what Ostium can do.

Episode 1: Population Zero

Episode 2: CROATOAN

Episode 3: 38°20’N, 17°15’W

Episode 4: First Contact

All episodes were written and produced by Alex C. Telander.

The part of Jake Fisher is performed by Chris Fletcher.

Interstitial music pieces were composed by Chris Fletcher.

Background music is courtesy of the incredible people at the Free Music Archive.

All sound effects are courtesy of the talented people at Freesound.org.

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The Complete EMU (Part One)

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Welcome to the Complete Enigmatic Mysteries of the Unknown, or EMU, as it’s amusingly known. Part One. This first part includes the first six mini episodes that were originally released to patrons during season one, and then released to everyone else during the hiatus between seasons one and two. The reason I’ve chosen to re-release these in two long comprehensive episodes is because Dave, the creator and host of EMU, becomes an important character in season 3 of Ostium, so I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be completely caught up with the whole story.

Now, since I’m re-releasing these episodes, I could easily clean-up and remaster them for sound quality, but I’m choosing to keep them as they are. Dave is not an audio producer, he’s just a guy who wanted to make a show about some thoughts and ideas he had. I feel the – at times – inferior audio quality adds more to his character.

So, sit back – if you’re sitting – and if you’ve never experienced Enigmatic Mysteries of the Unknown before, prepare to be . . . englightened . . .

These episodes were written, produced, and voiced by Alex C. Telander.

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Ostium Season 3 will return with Episode 21 on September 2nd. Thank you.

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Episode 20 – Once More with Feeling

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Jake doesn’t know what’s happened, where he is, or what this is all for. And then he does recognize himself, and realizes this is where everything comes to a climax. This is the second wave of the storm, much worse than the first. 

Written and produced by Alex C. Telander

Jake played by Chris Fletcher.

Monica played by Georgia Mckenzie.

Music composed by Chris Fletcher. 

Sounds effects are courtesy of the incredible people at Freesound.org.

For a transcript of this episode, please visit our website.

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And if you need some inspiration, here are a few recent entries:

From Rumorian: I’m listening to a lot of audiodramas and this is one of my favorites. The premise is fascinating and every episode is fun to listen to. Apparently they have already planned out the whole series and I can’t wait to find out where it’s all heading.

And from Tug35919: I just started listening to Ostium, and I’m taken by the plot so far. I’m really excited to find out where the story will go. Much more catching up to do!

This week’s podcast recommendation is The Box: When Addison Gilmore found the old lockbox of journals filled with entries about bizarre and terrifying events, she thought she’d stumbled upon a unique mass participation fiction project. But as she shares those stories and digs into their contents, it becomes increasingly clear that these journals are more than they seem… and she’s in over her head.

The Box is just a wonderful podcast that draws the reader in right from the start with its fascinating protagonist, and keeps them hooked as the interesting and complex world is revealed. Thirty-one episodes have been released and while the show has been on hiatus for some time, I recently heard the show will be coming back eventually, so get caught up now!

And . . . That’s a wrap for season two. A huge thank you to all our listeners who’ve kept listening since season one, and an equally sized thank you to our new listeners. We sadly did not reach any of our support goals, but our hiatus will be much shorter this time, with season 3 beginning on September 2nd. The next two seasons will be a little different than the first two as we follow the story arc of our characters, but this is an ongoing story and sometimes it won’t be always clear why something is happening, but remember: everything in Ostium happens for a reason. You just have to be patient. And then I’ve got some really big surprises for season five that I’ve hinted at a few times on social media. So be sure to follow us on Twitter with the handle @ostiumpodcast. And you can follow me personally via @bookbanter.

So what can you expect during this shorter hiatus: you will get the five mini episodes of Enigmatic Mysteries of the Unknown that were released for a patrons during Season 2. And at the end of those I’ll put together a special long episode with all ten installments of EMU, so you can get the complete story in one chunk. Trust me, it’s going to be important for future seasons. And after that I hope to put together each season into one super long episode so new listeners can choose to go with the “big gulp” version to catch up. I’ll also be remastering the sound for season one so it’ll have a clearer, more even sound for you listeners.

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Ostium File #144

[iframe style=”border:none” src=”//html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/6588045/height/100/width/480/thumbnail/no/render-playlist/no/theme/custom/tdest_id/713501/custom-color/#87A93A” height=”100″ width=”480″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen]

In celebration of the Ostium Twitter account hitting 1000 followers, here’s a very special release of Ostium File #144 for everyone to enjoy.

If you enjoy this episode, you can get lots more Ostium Files by supporting Ostium on Patreon, as well as lots of other content. You will also get your own unique door number, and eventually, your very own Ostium File.

When you made the decision to become a patron of the Ostium Podcast, you were assigned a number, a door unique to you. There was a reason for that. It is possible that Ostium has not always been abandoned, not always population zero. Perhaps at one time there were people – from the future? The past? – who traveled through the doors of Ostium to different places in time and space to learn and educate and record their experiences. Perhaps these recordings are still in existence . . .

Welcome to . . . The Ostium Files.

To the patron who entered through Door #144, this is your story.

Written and produced by Alex C. Telander

Performed by Justy Gee. If you enjoy this performance, be sure to check out her awesome podcast, Starless.

Music composed by Chris Fletcher

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