Book One: Population Zero


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In Northern California there is a secret town called Ostium where there are no people. One day, Jake Fisher discovers the town while playing a game of GeoGuessr. It is the genesis of a long journey that will have Jake searching remote places for this hidden town until he eventually discovers it. Within he finds many buildings with many doors, and eventually he will learn that each of these doors leads to a unique place . . . in time . . . and space.

In the first book of the popular Ostium Podcast readers are introduced to the strange town where there are no people through the eyes of Jake Fisher. OSTIUM Book One: Population Zero covers all ten episodes of Season One, as well as ten mini episodes. The book contains the original untouched covers to all ten episodes, as well as the finished covers, and some work in progress sketches. There are also two bonus mini episodes.

Available in three editions:

ostim-bk-04B    ostim-bk-04B     paperbackcover-finaltake