Cover for the Episode 2 transcript.


Original untouched cover.


It was like any ordinary town and unlike any town anywhere.


I was at the edge of the precipice, and I couldn’t see if there was a sturdy, stable bridge to cross, or a rickety wooden one, or just a drop into darkness.

All artwork by Sara Warren. The transcript for Episode 2, featuring the full-color cover and inside illustrations is available on Ostium’s Patreon page. An ebook of Episode 2: CROATOAN will be available for purchase later this year.

Ostium Episode 2 – CROATOAN

In Episode 2, Jake Fisher finally gets inside the secret town of Ostium and sees the many doors up close, and then ventures to find out what is behind those doors.

Written by Alex C. Telander.
Performed by Chris Fletcher.
Interstitial music pieces by Chris Fletcher.
Background music by 2Kutup courtesy of the Free Music Archive.
Sound effects courtesy of Freesound.org and Soundbible.

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