Ostium Artwork for Episode 1: Population Zero


Cover for the Episode 1 transcript.



Original untouched cover



I could see the road ended at a big rusty iron gate that had to be at least ten feet high.



I opened my eyes to a house across the street. The house didn’t mean anything, but I now had an extrasensory feeling that this was the direction I needed to go.


All artwork by Sara Warren. The transcript for Episode 1, featuring the full-color cover and inside illustrations is available on Ostium’s Patreon page. An ebook of Episode 1: Population Zero will be available for purchase later this year.

Ostium Episode 1 – Population Zero

In the debut episode of the Ostium podcast, listeners get to meet Jake Fisher for the first time and learn about a special place called Ostium.

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Episode 1 – Population Zero was written and produced by Alex C. Telander. Music and the voice of Jake Fisher is by Chris Fletcher.