Ostium Artwork for Episode 4: First Contact


Cover for the episode 4 transcript.


Original untouched cover.


They’re all here. The unmanned craft that helped teach us everything we know about the planet Mars. This is a . . . museum.


There’s a woman standing in the doorway. She’s looking back at me.


Ostium Episode 4 – First Contact

In Episode 4 – First Contact, Jake learns about some big changes in his life and the world, before he travels to Ostium. He now knows he’s not alone in this special town, and as he passes through Door 4 he wonders if he’ll have any company. Also what world will he be taken to this time?

Written by Alex C. Telander
Performed by Chris Fletcher, who also composed the interstitial music pieces.
Background music by 2Kutup courtesy of the Free Music Archive.

Warning, this episode contains explicit language.

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